Rihanna is pregnant – Reportedly expecting a child with Hassan Jameel


It was a simple tweet that started the rumour, and on face value, it looked legit, mostly down to the screenshot of what appeared to be Rihanna’s Instagram account sharing a due date. And now, it is round the social media that Rihanna is pregnant.

The screenshot included a caption of a pink love heart and a baby emoji, and judging by the fact it had more than 2000 retweets, people were clearing running with it.

According to a person close to Rih, the couple have been trying to get pregnant for months now – and now it appears that it finally happened.


Rihanna is so excited about her new bundle of joy – that she accidentally posted about her new baby on social media last night.

Rihanna revealed that her “due date” was June 5th. Rihanna quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea, and she removed the post – but not before social media people had gotten a screenshot.

By doing some quick math, that means Rihanna is just one month pregnant

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