Future Slams Rumors He Banned Plus-Sized Women From Entering Club


Slams Rumors He Banned Plus-Sized Women From Entering Club

Earlier today, rumors surfaced claiming that denied plus-sized women from entering a club in Miami. Plus-sized model, Naomie Chaput, said that she caught wind that was placing a ban on bigger women. Promoters said that he had placed a “No Fatties” rule at the club’s door. Chaput took to her Instagram story to air him out which went viral on social media.

“Just got news that this is true that Future said ‘No fatties in the club’ and he has all the rights to do so in Miami,” she said. “This is just a regular club so I’m just trying to understand really why this is a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place? The discrimination is insane to me.”

“And it’s not like I wanted to see Future personally because I don’t give a dam about no fucking rappers but it’s the fact that it’s a thing in 2019 where we can say, ‘No fatties in the club.’ Oh my god. This is crazy. This is insane.”

As the headline made waves over social media today, so did the memes. However, Future clearly caught wind of the comment and decided to put the rumors to rest. “STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME..I love all women 👑,” he wrote on Twitter.

Although he denied it, the club themselves haven’t responded to or confirmed that the “No Fatties” rule was actually applied.


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