Drake’s “Fortnite” Session Might Breed A “Hotline Bling” Emote Feature


’s impact has transcended rap into the world of gaming.

Last night, shattered records once again, however, this time isn’t wasn’t because of music. The rapper joins many others who’ve been obsessed with Fortnite and the rapper decided to join one of the game’s biggest players for a live session of Twitch. His appearance garnered 600,000 viewers watching at the same time at it’s peak. Since it was such a success, the Fortnite makers are considering ’s appearance becoming a more regular occurrence.


A redditer created a fan-made Drake emote that incorporates his famous “Hotline Bling” dance with some items in the game. The emote ended up getting the attention of Epic Games’ community coordinator, Christ Attalus. He saw it on Reddit and responded to the thread with, “Feedback noted.”

Hopefully, this ends up being a thing an Christ Attalus isn’t just playing with our emotions. It would be pretty dope to celebrate a win and rub it in your opponents face with Drake’s goofy dance moves.

Drake’s gaming session on Twitch may have sparked something bigger than the emoji. According to TMZ, Fortnite’s planning to have a celebrity “Party Royale” game with hundred players split between fifty celebrities and fifty pro gamers. Drake will hopefully make an appearance with that alongside Travis Scott who also joined the Drizzy and Ninja on Twitch last night.

Check the “Hotline Bling” fan-made emote below.


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