Cardi B Is Back With Offset


It’s only been two months since and broke up, but it feels like much longer. The power couple called it quits after had enough with ’s alleged cheating ways. Since the break-up in December, has been trying to win his lover back over with gifts, vacations, and spontaneous appearances at her shows. Cardi wasn’t feeling it at first, but slowly wore down the mother of his child by showering her in love. Now, TMZ is reporting that the couple is officially back together.

The media site is reporting that Cardi B has moved back into the Atlanta home that she and shared before the breakup. Allegedly, this is the first time she’s been back to stay in the home with and Kulture since December. Cardi has been teasing the makeup online for weeks now, by claiming she misses . TMZ reports that changed his phone number to prove to Cardi that he isn’t taking calls from any other women. The phone is strictly for Cardi and business calls. Allegedly, a “no groupies” rule has also been applied to , who will have to avoid his eager female fans for the sake of his relationship.


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