Bongi Dube Almost Lost Her Life After An Accident


Almost Lost Her Life After An Accident

 Daughter to the late Lucky Dube and an artist who was in charge of giving us hit tunes like Ngifuna Wena and Go Around relatively lost her life this previous end of the week.

As per Isolezwe, the artist got shocked in front of an audience amid an execution in Durban. It’s accounted for that the artist’s leg and left arm got genuinely harmed amid the execution.

“As I was going to sing in front of an audience I shockingly then ventured on one of the electric harmonies which was not appropriately wrapped. It felt like somebody had hit me with a knopkierie, everything went clear a short time later.” She told the distribution.

In the wake of seeing what had happened to her, her supervisor rapidly took a few to get back some composure of her better half who’s a Dr who at that point acted the hero to help his harmed spouse.

The artist is said to recoup as she’s expelled the bandages on her arm and leg. Notwithstanding, it is as yet troublesome for her to walk or even drive.

Bongi likewise disclosed to Isolezwe that she would not be uncovering what occasion it was the place she was performing at as it’s as yet hard to discuss it and brings back a ton of agony.

We trust the artist regains her strength and has a speedy recovery.

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